Baked sweet cakes

243 - 180 минут 12 порции

I love pies lush, light weight, smooth and shiny, with blunt tips, with berry filling. Especially love the berries currants red and black. Cakes with red and black currants.

Ingredients for Baked sweet cakes

Step by step instruction of cooking Baked sweet cakes

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For the filling:

Black and red currant
Sugar (to taste)
Potato starch

What to do:
The berries I have frozen. I was frozen, left in the colander for a few hours to stack the extra juice.
Then to the fruit (about 1.5 cups.) I added 1 tbsp potato starch (I read somewhere that the berries need to add it potato starch).
The dough I was kneading in the bread maker.

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Ready divide the dough into portioned balls (I got from this quantity of dough 12 pies). Put on a small proofing, cover them with a towel, leave on for 10 minutes.

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After you roll each piece of dough into a pancake, mid put berry filling, sprinkle it with sugar (to taste) and form into a Patty. Turn the cake seam side down and tuck the ends under the cake.
Pies to leave for a little proofing, then lubricate the whipped with egg water and bake at 210*C.

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Bon Appetit and happy Baking!