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Manta Almatinski

Manta Almatinski

There are several similar recipes, but did add another one. So Manty makes my grandmother =)

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Step 1

The number to write specifically did not, because it all depends on the individual characteristics of each family. But the main thing here is just to observe the proportions:
1. the filling should be 1.5 times more than that of the test
2. in the stuffing of meat and vegetables (onion and pumpkin together) are in the ratio 1:1

Step 2

In the original, of course, dumplings are made with lamb, but we had pork this time.
Ideally, all (meat, pumpkin and onion) cut into small pieces. But we were lazy and had a lot of meat, so we scrolled through a meat grinder with large holes. Onion and pumpkin cut into small cubes (width about 0.5 cm). All mix well, season with salt and pepper (in addition to these two spices are traditionally nothing more is added, but you can experiment and add anything else to taste, for example, paprika).

Step 3

It must be VERY cool! Water, salt and a little vegetable oil (for elasticity) are shuffled, added a lot of flour and carefully is made. After that, the dough should be left to rest for 20-30 minutes, pre-wrapped in cellophane package (and it dries quickly). After this time, again knead it and mold dumplings!

Step 4

Before you put them to stew, we grease dumplings with a mixture of vegetable oil and paprika. This gives them a nice appetizing color, makes them more interesting =)

Step 5

They cooked 40 minutes, if frozen, then 50. We served them with vinegar or with a sauce by mixing mayonnaise, ketchup and grated garlic.

Bon appetite =)

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