The red beans "Italian meals"

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This recipe I stole from the store, from the Department of ready-made salads. And, a funny story happened. The salad attracted me to the name "Italian meal", and what is it made of do not understand, the price tag on ingredients are not written, only the beans one saw, and the rest - what a mess. But they took a sample of 200 grams. Until they reached home, all his and ate (I fork disposable issued). The salad very much, but in the ingredients I did not fully understand. So, without going into the stairwell, turned back to the store the saleswoman for a prescription. And I still have it and provoke, says: "Empty room! It does not, we tried!" But I took that risk and it worked the first time. Simple and accessible ingredients, simple to prepare, cost a penny and, I think, a very good combination of products. I am very pleased with this recipe, cook it three times, tested on friends before like everyone. So I decided to share the recipe, try it and you may come in handy, because salads never too much.

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Ingredients for The red beans "Italian meals"

Step by step instruction of cooking The red beans "Italian meals"

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Carrots to boil to "al dento" as pasta. Cool completely. Actually, I want to give advice to young Housewives - never mix in salads warm food with a cold salad very quickly go sour. Everything should be the same temperature, preferably chilled, is less than room.

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With beans it is necessary to drain all the liquid and rinse under running water. To thoroughly dry, excess moisture we do not need.

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Then very carefully, one might even say tenderly, :) mix all ingredients and season with mayonnaise. Add salt and pepper to taste. The salad turns out quite rich but, at the same time, not heavy, because there is nothing meat, no potatoes. For summer, I think he is very suitable. Although, of course, summer is the season of fresh vegetables, but, bored as always there is nothing but tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers? I want some diversity.

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I cooked this salad on 9 July at the cottage. My father had PD. We were 6 people and now this number is enough for the entire crowd and still have some. So, the proportion of double suggest, and then get the bucket is huge.