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Braid with walnuts

Braid with walnuts

A simple recipe braided sweet bread.

Cooking time 150 minutes Number of servings1

Ingredients for Braid with walnuts

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Braid with walnuts

Step 1

Bred yeast in warm water, add sugar, vanilla sugar and salt, gradually add flour mixed with baking powder. Pour oil. Knead a dough. Cover and put in fridge for an hour and a half.

On a greased table raskladyvaem the dough with a layer of 1-1,5 see Make cuts at the edges. Weave braid. Leave for 10 minutes. Lubricates the beaten egg and leave for another 5 minutes. Lubricated again with egg and sprinkle with mixture of powdered sugar with the ground nuts. Bake in the oven preheated 180*C for 35 minutes.