Salad "Cole slaw" original

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Salad "Cole slaw". Surprised to have not found on the website of the original recipe of this salad, and the Internet is not immediately found, do not remember which site I got lucky. )) Prepared several options before you achieved the desired taste. Remember, in American restaurants served slightly sweet salad of carrots and cabbage as a side dish? So, this salad is one to one restaurant option! So they "sick," what are you cooking for dinner 2 times a week.

Ingredients for Salad "Cole slaw" original

Step by step instruction of cooking Salad "Cole slaw" original

Шаг 1

Vegetables finely cut into strips, the thinner the better.

Шаг 2

Add the remaining ingredients for the filling.

Шаг 3

Well-kneaded, I add more green onions or a mix of chopped greens.
Of course, another big plus is that you can fill this salad can be in advance and the flavor will not lose it, before serving, just one more time to mix. Even will be even juicier and more tender, because the vegetables will give some juice.