Kefir-a creamy dessert Smorodinka

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In these beautiful summer days like to treat you to a gentle and refreshing jelly with a splash of juicy and ripe berries - red currants. A glass of this wonderful dessert will perfectly complement the end of a good day or the beginning of such wonderful evenings...

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Ingredients for Kefir-a creamy dessert Smorodinka

Step by step instruction of cooking Kefir-a creamy dessert Smorodinka

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6 plates of gelatine soak for 10 minutes in cold boiled water.

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Red currants wash, dry and delay 4 small sprigs for decoration.
The rest of the berries gently with a fork to remove from the stems. So.

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500 ml of kefir 3 tbsp lemon juice 75 g sugar whisk until the sugar is completely dissolved.

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Gelatin squeeze and in a saucepan over low heat to dissolve.
Do not boil!

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The dissolved gelatin to combine with 4 tbsp kefir mixture, stir.
The mixture with the gelatin and pour into the yogurt, mix well.
A container of yogurt to put in a cold place for 10 to 15 minutes, until the process of gelation.

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125 ml cream until soft peaks. In the cream to enter currants.

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Carefully, trying not to damage the berries, mix well.

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Kefir jelly mixture to enter into the cream with berries. Mix thoroughly and fill 4 glasses (bowl, Cup, etc.)
Dessert to cool for 4 hours.

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Decorate with sprigs of currants, lemon balm, curly biscuits.

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And enjoy not very fattening but no less delicious, fresh and beautiful dessert!

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Bon appetit!