Chef's salad

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Oh, to run into the controversy concerning the title, but, nevertheless, it so called this salad! Cooked recipe "package" to salad mixture. And I was convinced that it was there, on the packaging, the most delicious recipes are! Don't be afraid of the long list of ingredients in this salad. It's worth it! We with pleasure and have lunch, and have dinner a chef salad! Courage takes...

Ingredients for Chef's salad

Step by step instruction of cooking Chef's salad

Шаг 1

Cut into strips ham and cheese.

Шаг 2

Filling: mix with a whisk the ketchup, tomato paste, lemon juice, vegetable oil and Tabasco.

Шаг 3

Add the cream and yoghurt. Whisk until smooth.

Шаг 4

Mix of salad leaves wash and dry.

Шаг 5

To boil eggs. Cool, peel, cut into quarters.
Sliced thin onion half rings and marinate it in 1 tbsp of vinegar and boiling water.
Slice the tomatoes.
Peel and cut into half rings, cucumber.
Decant the liquid from the tuna and canned corn.

Think ingredients. the course itself can be varied.
But the gas station I would have left it in these proportions.

Шаг 6

All is bliss (except eggs), combine together and gently stir. Egg quarters to put on top.
Pour dressing (to taste). Dressing - spicy-spicy, but not hot, with creamy tomato note and "highlight" from Tabasco.
So nice that you liked even my 8 year old daughter.
By the way, this dressing really goes well with pasta, as reported to me by my husband.

Шаг 7

Bon appetit!