Burgers chicken

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This recipe I found on the Internet and, of course, refined it a bit to your liking. Decided to share with you! As with any dish of chicken meat, the most important thing - the beef should be ground up at home! And then juicy, flavorful, mouth-watering burgers guaranteed.

Ingredients for Burgers chicken

Step by step instruction of cooking Burgers chicken

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Grind the meat.

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Everything is cut, cut, cut small, and all the ingredients added to the stuffing. (my husband and I love spicy, so I also hot sauce adds a spicy pepper, who likes to go for the gusto - add - you will not regret!) Stir. With wet hands form the burgers and grill! 5 minutes one side, 5 minutes on the other and voila! Of course the time may vary according orientirueshsya transparent juice.

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Who loves cheeseburgers, add cheese.

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When burgers are ready, they can be eaten simply with salad, but you can here like this! Bon appetit!