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Cake pan

Cake pan

Cakes baked in a pan, to be not worse than those prepared in the oven! Cooked very quickly! Literally, within the hour!

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Ingredients for Cake pan

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Cake pan

Step 1

Kneaded the dough with condensed milk, soda, eggs and flour.
And made these balls.

Step 2

Very thinly roll out a ball into the circle.
Diameter 28-30cm.

Step 3

Put on a heated pan Plast. Cakes fry on both sides, about one minute (focus on the eyes, sometimes it comes a little more).

Step 4

This is the cake after baking in the pan under a minute!

Step 5

Coat each cake with condensed milk whipped with butter.

Step 6

Sprinkled nuts on top and on the sides - crumbs from scraps.
The finished cake!