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Dungan noodles

Dungan noodles

Usually this dish is prepared with radish. But what if it's not, or someone from the family members doesn't love her? Here is an option Dungan noodles without the radish, but no less tasty and appetizing.

Cooking time 60 minutes Number of servings-

Ingredients for Dungan noodles

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Dungan noodles

Step 1

Fry the meat in a deep saucepan, then add the onions and saute for some time (photo is without the bow).

Step 2

While the meat onions passiruyte, do not waste time - three some carrots and cut the peppers.

Step 3

Add them to the meat, and proprium tormented until you give the juice and become softer.

Step 4

At this time, do the eggplant: cut them as small cubes.

Step 5

Put them in a stew-pan, let them steam in there and let the juice.

Step 6

Prepared tomatoes.

Step 7

When everything is almost ready, and left to make only a few final strokes sent our tomatoes to the skillet. If the tomatoes are small, do not hesitate, add the tomato.

Step 8

When all the flavors finally blended, pour hot water to form broth, salt, pepper, throw a few Bay leaves, pours a little sugar, pour the vinegar, be sure to try, realize that something is missing and add everything else little by little. =)

Step 9

The final touches are finely chopped chesnochek and greens.

Step 10

Boil the noodles, pour our meat and vegetable broth and naslajdatsa flavors and aromas.

Bon appetit! =)