Salad from биа46 "Surprise"

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All kind time of days, hopefully at the end of the working week You are full of optimism, looking forward to the intimacy of the day. To raise the tone offer You a salad recipe, the taste of which was for me an unexpected surprise, a bit tangy, but refreshing and pleasant

Ingredients for Salad from биа46 "Surprise"

Step by step instruction of cooking Salad from биа46 "Surprise"

Шаг 1

The first thing to do some magic sauce over the salad dressing. In a small bowl pour the yoghurt and going to fill it tastes. Small salad onion peel and finely chop, add honey, a pinch of salt, curry. About curry immediately say, take gentle, and not more than 1/3 h l, otherwise the mouth will long hold onto his taste, he will kill the taste of the food.
Mixture mix well and even a little massage to stretch your bow.

Шаг 2

Peel off the skins of Apple, carrot and cucumber, and the Apple and from midway, the Apple and cucumber cut by cubes, carrots grate on a coarse grater.
Put in a salad bowl.

Шаг 3

Fill the salad sauce dressing and mix.

Шаг 4

At the edges of the salad bowls with a teaspoon place the cottage cheese, the middle will be free of cheese. There I added half a teaspoon of the mixture of Flaxseed, sesame seeds and salt .
For salads, I specially prepared a mixture: on a dry pan put 3 tbsp of Flaxseed, 3 tbsp of sesame seeds until the sesame is slightly yellow. Cool the mixture, add 1 tbsp of salt and mix. All the salads instead of salt sprinkle this mixture. Thus eat significantly less salt, and the body receives unsaturated fatty acids from flax seeds and sesame seeds.
Decorate the salad with slices of tomato. Before use I recommend the salad mix to get the full taste.