Pickling cucumbers in aerogrill

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I want to share with you a easy way of pickling cucumbers in the convection oven. Used it for 3 year, all jars are great, cucumbers are tasty and crispy! The marinade can use your, I suggest that their proportions of salt, sugar and vinegar. Blanks are engaged at the cottage, in the fresh air. Combine business with pleasure and from the convection oven is not hot!

Ingredients for Pickling cucumbers in aerogrill

Step by step instruction of cooking Pickling cucumbers in aerogrill

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In aerogrill fit 4 piece liter or 700-gram cans, this time I did 3 pieces. the Proportions of salt, sugar and vinegar given to 1 liter of water. Usually the marinade is prepared in 2 liters, tell him to stay on next time than not enough.
Jars and lids just okay my. Sterilizing is not necessary. On the bottom of the jar and put the umbrella of dill, 4-5 peppercorns and chopped garlic clove. Try tightly stacked in a jar of pickles. Carefully pour boiling marinade and cover with a lid (not closed).

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At the bottom of the bowl I put the grate on and put the ring to increase the height. Set in aerogrill banks.

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Exposed to the greatest temperature and time for 15-20 minutes.

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Here the main thing not to overdo, so that the cucumbers are cooked. I have a "trouble" was not.
At the end of time take out jars one at a time, roll and flip. I banks are cooled in air and nothing to back them wrapped.
Cucumbers are tasty, crunchy and not spicy.
You can use your marinade and add different spices, and I only do it with dill, peas and garlic, these pickles only love in my family!