Berry ice cream "Straight from the garden"

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It's not even ice cream, but a way of freezing berries, but the taste is absolutely extraordinary. And you need just that little bit of sugar and berries. In the midst of a season of preparations for the winter and this recipe might come in handy.

Ingredients for Berry ice cream "Straight from the garden"

Step by step instruction of cooking Berry ice cream "Straight from the garden"

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In advance sorry! Show the process going from raspberries, and final photo - blueberries, because she was ready)
Generally, you can take any berries.
Place the berries and sugar in the 1 Cup of sugar in 1.5 cups of berries. Actually, the proportions are approximate, and can put sugar to your taste.
If it turns out a lot of syrup - it is better to partially drain.

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Pour into jars, cover with a bag or cling film and put in the freezer.

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It turns out very tasty treat! The consistency and taste whether mousse, or ice cream. Dad and I at once finished the jar.