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Snack family sandwich

Snack family sandwich

From delicious Sunday lunch remained unclaimed pieces of chicken and bread. Offer to dispose of them and cook very tasty juicy dish that can be eaten for Breakfast and dinner. And enough for everyone - hence the name. The idea is certainly not new, but I have developed, loved, tested on itself repeatedly, and therefore recommended urgent. Perhaps the only negative of this dish - it's not very, to be exact - NOT diet (Irina-биа46, sorry). But I'll get better after a long week of the chicken show.

Cooking time 40 minutes Number of servings5

Ingredients for Snack family sandwich

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Snack family sandwich

Step 1

Thin rings cut the tomato and remove from the refrigerator oil: we need soft to smear.

Step 2

Make the cheese sauce.
Put in a bowl the cream cheese (we need this to work, can be homemade), add the chopped dill and crushed garlic. A little salt, pepper and stir thoroughly until smooth. Garlic more or less depending on your love for this product. And you can do without it, after all, make a Breakfast, and Breakfast often before work. However, the resulting odor is not pronounced.

Step 3

We begin to build our sandwich.
On the culinary film to the left lay a stack of prepared bread cakes. Further,"flipping through" the cakes to the right will distribute the stuffing.
Scrolled. Both sides of our "books" smeared with butter and generously sprinkle with seasoning for chicken. On the right the cake, put the plate of chicken, a little added some salt.

Step 4

Scrolled. Pressed the right billet is denser: oil is our "cement".
Again oiled the whole turn. Right on the oil applied to the strip of our cheese spreads and put sliced tomatoes. To the left are the stripes of our spreads.

Step 5

Scrolled. Pressed. Greased the pivot with oil, sprinkle with spices for chicken, laid a chicken. Closed the last layer (if you have 4, if more - repeat alternating layers:-chicken-tomatoes).
The resulting buhanku tighter squeeze and wrap in foil. Send for 10-15 minutes in the refrigerator to oil, "grabbed", then it will be easier to work with.