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Tomatoes Volzhsky

Tomatoes Volzhsky

Maybe there is such a recipe, but first, I have not found, and secondly, on the next pages of these tomatoes are exactly is not, and, as a rule, most of the Mac looks only "fresh" page. I found this recipe somewhere on the vast-net. I personally such tomatoes loved it!

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Ingredients for Tomatoes Volzhsky

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Tomatoes Volzhsky

Step 1

Prepare the container for tomatoes. Her tomatoes have a relatively tight fit in one layer.

Step 2

With tomatoes "cone" cut the hat to make the groove.

Step 3

Peel the garlic. The original recipe was suggested to use 3-4 cloves but I love garlic, so I took the head. If the garlic is not young, then you need to cut sarcevic, because it has a lot of kontserogeny. I was young garlic.

Step 4

Then chop the garlic. This is done as follows. "Pass" on it with a knife, then collected in "a handful" again "pass" with a knife. And so a few times.

Step 5

Add a little salt makes the garlic will be crushed.

Step 6

And again, chop with a knife.

Step 7

Then from the "handful" of the detachable a little garlic and smearing the garlic with a knife on the Board, grind it.

Step 8

Raise in a pile.

Step 9

And another 2-3 times to pass with a knife.

Step 10

Here is the result. However, this juicy garlic weight slightly salty, but salt is still used in the process of cooking almost any dish that uses crushed garlic. The only thing I will clarify is that all this "focus" will succeed, if you use a large wide knife. Well, the so-called knife of the chef. Little is unlikely to succeed.

Step 11

Prescription needed to take parsley. But when I started to cook, found that the parsley I ended. So I got dill. Also turned out delicious. With greenery interrupts the leaves. The stems are not necessary, they are harsh.

Step 12

Greens finely chop.

Step 13

A mixture of PRECI is triturated in a mortar or mill. By the way, pepper in the original recipe was not, but I wanted to go for the gusto.

Step 14

Mix the herbs, garlic and pepper.

Step 15

In each tomato add a pinch of salt. If You have a "standard" tomatoes, 1 piece - 1 coffee spoon of salt.

Step 16

Put the green garlic a lot.

Step 17

Lay tomatoes flat plate. Because my tomatoes were small, under the plate I put the lid of a round plastic container that all the tomatoes are pressed evenly. On a plate put the cargo. For example, a Bank or a pot of water. Leave for a day.

Step 18

In a day you can eat. The same effect as salted cucumbers. Part of the acidified tomatoes, and part of the flesh - sweet. Very tasty!

Step 19

And under 5 drops, generally a great appetizer!