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Salad vegetables, "Summer"

Salad vegetables, "Summer"

Continue to scald the blanks. Vegetables in the garden rod like crazy, soon it will climb on the head. Eaten and tried everything that is possible, where are they now? Clear pepper, that in the workpiece. In the winter. In the cold dark Russian winter. And pepper including. However, I have a very selfish interest: the more (good) good evening snack stack? There are a lot of things, but nothing will destruct the snack I made myself, from their own vegetables grown exclusively on the manure, without any Chinese jokes.

Cooking time 120 minutes Number of servings50

Ingredients for Salad vegetables, "Summer"

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Salad vegetables, "Summer"

Step 1

Collect (to get from the store) vegetables.

Step 2

Clean the vegetables, the peppers and remove the core. Cut into slices. Finely chopped parsley.

Step 3

Put in a bowl, add vegetable oil, sugar, salt, diluted citric acid, pour in two cups of water and put on fire. After boiling (gently stirring), boil 10 minutes to change the color of the vegetables.

Step 4

In a pre-sterilized banks hot stack salad. Roll up covers. Ready.