Terrine of two types of chicken

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Now the promised dish of chicken meat for the ladies-S. However, men are also unlikely to abandon him. Recipe mobile and allows you to vary it as you like. And for that love. I have this dish often goes under the motto "I blinded him from what was". Yes, and done quickly. In General, what you need. Dedicated to the wonderful boy Ninochka - barska.

Ingredients for Terrine of two types of chicken

Step by step instruction of cooking Terrine of two types of chicken

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Despite the fact that scary to take on is quick and easy.
Our chicken Breasts are made into mince and put in a convenient mixing bowl. The stuffing can grind through a large cell.
There - olives rings and finely cut dill.

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The colored halves of peppers cut into cubes and sent to the same.
Boiled chicken meat cut into cubes. I had Breasts from the broth. But can any other boiled meat, and leftover fried chicken.

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Now conjure aromas. I add garlic, salt, pepper, rubbed between your palms dry Basil and put turmeric, chicken loves her, and eye-pleasing.

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All mix well.
At this stage it is possible to add the stuffing (throwing ideas): green peas, corn, sun-dried tomatoes, mushrooms, pine nuts or pistachios... whatever you have lying around in the fridge? The main thing that it was combined with chicken and given a new color spots. If you think that the beef too thick - add 50 grams of cream or milk.
About the salt, as well as in soufflés, insufficient salting BETTER. When, during frying the whole thing will thicken, plus bacon - the food could be too salty!

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Take cake pan, best "brick", but can be any other and vystelim her a strip of bacon overlap (if with skin cut off). The strips should hang over the edges.
I got this time was terrible luck. Open the package of bacon, and there is some strange fibers and incomprehensible shapes cutting. I usually just have enough pieces to put on the bottom and the edges hanging down. And then had like puzzles spread. However, externally this is not visible and the taste is not reflected.
If there is no bacon, the bottom of the form to lay slices of roasted eggplant or even no spread.

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Spread on bacon our meat and bent on him the bacon that was hanging around the edges.

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Sent in a preheated 180 degree oven for about an hour. The top should slightly brown.
Ready take out the terrine from the oven, let cool in the form and also put in the fridge for 4 hours, but preferably overnight. Top cover with foil. And severiane and from hungry eyes.

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After the time slice and enjoy.
Can be served sliced and simply laid on bread, and main dish with a light side dish.
Bon appetit to you and your family!

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