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Thai spicy salad of fish of Ternitz PLA

Thai spicy salad of fish of Ternitz PLA

Hot and sour, very appetizing dish. It can hardly be called a salad, because there's a fish (meat), vegetables, no greens. Serve it with rice and raw vegetables. The same salad can be prepared from minced meat fish, chicken, pork, beef.

Cooking time 30 minutes Number of servings4

Ingredients for Thai spicy salad of fish of Ternitz PLA

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Thai spicy salad of fish of Ternitz PLA

Step 1

The fish is cleaned, gut, cut off the fillet. The head and spine tail, too, to leave. Fillet cut into cubes half a cm

Step 2

Add salt fish and fry in a deep frying pan fish slices, head and spine tail to Golden brown in plenty of oil. If you are prepared from minced meat, it is not fried in oil, and stewed in a little water. By the way, is a dietary option.

Step 3

Slice the shallots in half rings, Kaffir lime leaves fine julienne, green onion and cilantro finely. A few mint leaves aside for decoration. In a large bowl mix the fried pieces of fish with the shallots, green onions, cilantro, Kaffir lime, lime juice, fish sauce, ground rice, ground chili and mint leaves. Mix well.

Step 4

Put on a platter the head and the back of a fish.

Step 5

Put the salad and garnish with mint leaves.