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Summer hash with sausage

Summer hash with sausage

Summer is the time for hash. At the cottage or at home, you'll be able to cook it.

Cooking time 30 minutes Number of servings2

Ingredients for Summer hash with sausage

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Summer hash with sausage

Step 1

First of all boil the eggs and potatoes. Allow them to cool and peel. Then be accepted for other products.
Cut into small cubes:
- cooked sausage

Step 2

- radishes

Step 3

-grate on a coarse grater eggs.

Step 4

-Cut cucumbers in small cubes.

Step 5

-Carefully wash the dill and finely chop it cut.

Step 6

-Cut the potato cubes.

Step 7

Now pour all the kefir or kvass, sprinkle top with finely chopped green onions, poured into plates and serve. Bon appetit!