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Cake "Aquarium"


It's almost not a recipe, but the idea of design. My husband and I anniversary, I wanted to make a surprise, therefore, prepared a secret from him, two in the morning. My husband loves fish, hence the idea. Turned out not as neat as I would like, but, suddenly, someone will cook and show you how beautiful it could be.

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Ingredients for Cake "Aquarium"

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Cake "Aquarium"

Step 1

For the first morning, prepare the cake in a favorite recipe. I have a - beat egg whites 7 eggs, gradually add 1 Cup sugar. 7 mashed egg yolks mixed with 1/4 of whipped egg whites, add 1 Cup flour and 2 tablespoons of cornstarch. Enter the remaining proteins. Hide the finished cake from my husband.

Step 2

For the cream 2 tbsp flour fry in a dry pan until light yellow, cool. Mix the flour with two eggs.

Step 3

Milk to heat, stirring, until boiling. Pour a thin stream in the flour mixture, constantly mixing.

Step 4

Heat the mixture until thick (do not boil). Add the vanilla sugar,25 g butter, mix well. If you get lumps, beat with a mixer. Cool.

Step 5

Do jewelry. To get the dough, separate the part on a sheet of baking paper roll out the fondant thinly (it is convenient to roll through the paper). To outline the contour of the future fish with a sharp knife.

Step 6

Of dough a different color to make the eye and strips of fish - the flagellum lay down and crush a finger.

Step 7

Do the "pebbles" and "algae". Put into the oven. Cares flora and fauna quickly, 4 minutes. I have, I confess, a little burnt. :(

Step 8

Divide the sponge cake into two layers, proslaivaet cream. Covered fondant, recipe here https://www.povarenok.ru/recipes/show/35312/ only add blue dye. Cover the cake with fondant. Gently remove the fish and pebbles with paper (they are fragile), paste fondant.

Step 9

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