"Slow" chicken in Thai marinade and couscous with lime

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Today I invite you to do a little experiment. You are familiar with low temperature and molecular cooking Heston Blumenthal? Ice cream of crab and "lace cookies" from coffee and garlic, caviar with white chocolate... No? Then I go to you! Do not worry, we will cook quite edible dish on the motives and principles of the cuisine of famous culinary alchemist: we bake at low temperature surprisingly flavorful chicken and serve it with an unusual garnish. In principle, everything is easy. And not so scary. The recipe is dedicated to the soul of the culinary weeks - Irisha irina_vip who is not afraid of experiments.

Ingredients for "Slow" chicken in Thai marinade and couscous with lime

Step by step instruction of cooking "Slow" chicken in Thai marinade and couscous with lime

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In fact, too much to do nothing. When I explain everything, you will understand that this dish is a godsend for busy women.
We start with the marinade. In it all essence.
Mix honey with soy sauce, add dried herbs, pepper and crushed garlic. Remove the zest from 2 limes and add it together with lime juice in the marinade. Stir it carefully. Allow to stand for 5 minutes. Try. This will flavor your chicken. If you think that sweet - add salt. But you can add salt and then try it is this marinade, provided that you have a terrible dislike of honey. In this case, you can make your marinade, but it will be a different story.
At low temperatures it is recommended that the marinade with sweet components. Sugar helps deep penetration of the ingredients of the marinade in the chicken. So if you make your marinade - just add sugar, brown is better.
The marinade is ready.

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Put our chicken on a deep baking tray and pour on the marinade from the bowl. Put it in the oven and forget again. Now 1 hour. Start the timer or note the time. However, if you are late - not terrible, not burn).
The temperature of the oven is a separate issue. Ideally, it should be 65 degrees. I minimum temperature - 100 degrees, so I was cooking with the door ajar. The main thing that the temperature was over 100 degrees.

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After an hour take out the chicken and pour the separated juice and marinade. Good pour. Pictured is the chicken an hour later.
Again we put on an hour in the oven.

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Again remove the chicken and pour the juices. Again we put on an hour in the oven.
Pictured is the chicken after 2 hours from the start of cooking. Beginning slightly yellow.

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There put 200g couscous and mix well. Pour as much boiling broth all of the liquid has absorbed into the couscous: add the broth gradually as soon as you see that it remains fluid enough. Closed container with a plate or lid for 10-15 minutes.

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Chicken cut into portions, garnishes couscous and vegetables, decorate with lime and serve.
Bon appetit to you and your family!