Soup cocktail

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Soup cocktail soup appetizer, the soup appetizer... Fresh vegetables combined with a small amount of alcohol or without. For a basis everyone can take your favorite version of gazpacho, or such other soups. For all three versions, I use my "fancy" ingredients, tried and tested over the years. Bright colors and bright flavor.

Ingredients for Soup cocktail

Step by step instruction of cooking Soup cocktail

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To prepare the vegetables. Divided into three groups.
1. Tomatoes, red currant, hot red pepper.
2. Yellow bell pepper, ginger root.
3. Cucumber, green pepper, mint.
Blend the ingredients together. Puree tomatoes and red currants to filter through a strainer (not too fine). In each part add the breadcrumbs and season to taste with lemon juice, salt and optional alcoholic beverage. For the perfect vodka tomatoes, yellow peppers - Marsala wine (dry), cucumbers perfectly complements the dry vermouth. I think needless to say what amount of alcohol should be minimal, as it is used to enhance the flavor. You can also cook without adding it. This is just one of the options.
Next, we need to keep our soups in the refrigerator for minimum two hours.

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A little imagination and...
Shrimp in a bread-cheese crust soup snacks.

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Colored aperitif in small cups for your guests. Why not?

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Or three-layered cocktail for two on a summer evening...
Everybody is familiar with the option of decorating the edges of the glass with sugar. And try salt! To absorb this cocktail is better with a spoon.