The salad-appetizer of pickled vegetables "Summer mix"

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Well, summer is in full swing, on the shelves and in gardens full of fresh vegetables, and we're actively building. I propose to diversify the summer menu another recipe that combines high summer vegetable gifts.

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Ingredients for The salad-appetizer of pickled vegetables "Summer mix"

Step by step instruction of cooking The salad-appetizer of pickled vegetables "Summer mix"

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Summer lavishes us with fresh vegetables, you need them to use! This snack will fit almost all young vegetables (apart from potatoes of course).
Eggplant and zucchini cut into large pieces, onion - semirings. Cabbage disassemble on inflorescences. Pepper is better to cut into strips. Eggplant be sure to liberally sprinkle with salt and leave for 30 minutes. Then the juice is drained from them, wash and dry with a towel. If the zucchini is thick skin, cut.
The beans can be used if desired.

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Tomatoes are not fried! We will append raw.

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Fried all the vegetables we put in a deep bowl, stir.

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Garlic passed through the press and add along with salt, mixture of peppers, vinegar and water.

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Then add the greens and again mix well, allow to stand for about an hour, and serve.