Chicken in Spanish

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Chicken cooked in Spanish on the website is, but you do not think that the Spaniards are preparing the chicken only one way? The chicken in this recipe turns out a rich flavor and stunning colours, with splashes of crunchy peanuts and sweetness of bell peppers. It's worth a try! Moreover, it is good both cold and hot. And most importantly - this is quite quickly prepared, as almost all of my recipes. This is the last recipe of my stellar weeks. I would like to thank those who were interested in my recipes, who has tried to cook, those who just were there to support. This recipe I dedicate to you.

Ingredients for Chicken in Spanish

Step by step instruction of cooking Chicken in Spanish

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Such a variety of flavor notes creates a wonderful culinary work in the end.

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Legs are thoroughly wash, cut off excess fat, RUB with salt and red pepper and leave for 10 minutes.

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Bulgarian pepper (better to take different colors except green), remove seeds and cut into thin strips. Mushrooms cut into quarters.
Peanuts to put in 3-4 minutes at full power in the microwave and clean. You can fry on a dry pan. It does not matter. You can even take the salt out of the bag, previously having eliminated the salt.

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Peel the onion and finely chop.

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Legs fry on all sides in a deep frying pan in vegetable oil. Remove from the pan onto a plate.

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At the same fat fry the onion until Golden brown, squeeze in roasted onion garlic, add the strips of pepper and mushrooms, and saute 5 minutes.

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Pour into the pan the wine, add the vinegar, honey, red pepper, Tabasco and salt. To try. The sauce should be sweet and sour but have a sharp, but soft finish.

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Put in sauce chicken legs, cover the pot with a lid and simmer everything on low heat for 20 minutes.

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Peanuts coarsely chopped with a knife and sprinkle the finished dish.

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Serve with boiled rice or fresh white bread.
It is very tasty and I hope you like it too!
Bon appetit to you and your family!