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Pipa Tofu

Pipa Tofu

These dumplings of tofu and fish paste looks like a Chinese four-stringed instrument "PI PA" who has a pear shape, also called Chinese lute. Or as the fruit of the medlar, which in Chinese is also called "PI PA", hence the name "Pipa Tofu". "Pipa Tofu" was a favorite dish of one of the "Four Great Chinese Beauties", XI Shi. About XI Shi was said that she was "so breathtakingly beautiful that when he passes a pond, the fish forget how to swim and sink." Legend has it that XI Shi was very fond of tofu, and soy cheese in her hometown of Zhuji, it was believed, as you know, the best in China.

Cooking time 30 minutes Number of servings2

Ingredients for Pipa Tofu