Chicken breast in puff pastry

170 - 60 минут 4 порции

Chicken breast in puff pastry with new potatoes and green onions. Today Affairs was enough and haven't found the time to go to the store. Puff pastry "just in case" lying in my freezer always, potatoes already own, the parents just brought yesterday, well, without the chicken breast my week diet is not prohodit ever. My favorite loves savory pastries, I decided to indulge, and get that yourself. A delicious and hearty loaf, replace, and dinner, suitable for a snack, no less delicious cold, easy to take on nature.

Ingredients for Chicken breast in puff pastry

Step by step instruction of cooking Chicken breast in puff pastry

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Chicken breast is good to recapture both sides to grease with sour cream (mayonnaise optional), mustard and spices for chicken. Leave for 15 minutes. The sheet of dough roll out a bit and put a chicken breast on one edge, sprinkle liberally with onion.

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Cut the potato with a sharp knife on the plate. I did everything slowly and waited until thawed pastry sheet because the plates were placed in water (not yellow), then dry with a towel.

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Potatoes lap lay next to the chicken.

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Salt, pepper, I added a few plates of cheese and laid out obliquely.

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Now the sheet with the filling roll into a log and will zasebnem edge and seam, place the strudel seam down procalim in several places with a knife or fork, let stand for 10 minutes, coat with beaten egg for a beautiful brown (not necessarily) and send duhovku on 160 until it will turn brown. For about 40 minutes.

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Bon appetit!