Buckwheat dumplings with broth

203 - 15 минут -

These tender, soft and juicy buckwheat dumplings will make any broth (vegetable, mushroom, meat, chicken) or soup. They are very tasty! And cook them about 10 minutes tops. This recipe is going to devote a good, responsive boy Ninochka barska. Nina, this is my addition to your broth!

Ingredients for Buckwheat dumplings with broth

Step by step instruction of cooking Buckwheat dumplings with broth

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For the preparation of broth or soup, I will not stop at all. You can use any broth or soup. Who cares, the flakes I used are here. In a Cup, mix the oat flakes, flour, melted butter, egg, salt and dry herbs.

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The consistency of the mixture should be thick and not runny. Using 2 teaspoons to form dumplings and drop them one at a time into the boiling broth.

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Cook on low heat for 10 minutes.

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Gnocchi should increase in volume by 2 times. Was with tea, steel with a tablespoon. All! You can pour the broth on plates, season with fresh herbs and enjoy the taste!