Chips mashed potato

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Want to share a recipe for interesting snacks. These chips are a great addition to the beer. )) Came out very tasty! And, most importantly, without any harmful additives, as in the purchase! All you need is a waffle iron! With its help, you can do such wonderful chips. )) Hope you like it. )

Ingredients for Chips mashed potato

Step by step instruction of cooking Chips mashed potato

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Cook mashed potatoes.
The puree should be without lumps (so you can use a blender), but I did not use.
In mashed potatoes add butter, milk, egg. Give everything a good stir.
Gradually add the flour. The mixture should be like very thick cream and remind cream. But not liquid, otherwise the dough will flow from the waffle iron.

In the mass add salt and spices to taste, I added paprika and mushroom seasoning. So I got the chips with the taste of mushrooms.

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I used this waffle iron Soviet times.

Шаг 3

A waffle iron heat, grease with vegetable oil (no smell) and put mashed potatoes. I laid out 1 full tablespoon.
If you want the chips thicker, then take 2 tbsp.

Шаг 4

Close the waffle iron and fry. You need to watch for chips and time to turn the waffle iron, as the chips burn very quickly.
When chips are cooked, carefully remove from the waffle iron and cut or break into pieces.)
Top with another sprinkle with salt or paprika.