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Mustard with seeds

Mustard with seeds

Probably, I did this recipe not surprised - many have already seen it and prepared. But numerous requests put up the recipe for this mustard at home. What can I say, the mustard is delicious, if I may say so on the mustard, and VERY vigorous! In General, mustard that will not disappoint!

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Ingredients for Mustard with seeds

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Mustard with seeds

Step 1

Mustard powder pour a small amount of boiling water. Stir. Boiling water should be enough to get the plastic mass is necessary to fill in a thin stream.

Step 2

Flatten weight evenly and spoon gently pour 1-2cm of boiling water. Leave to cool.

Step 3

Transfer to a jar, close the lid.
Be sure to leave overnight in the fridge to mustard the real thing.
If necessary, dilute with boiled water.