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Salad "Chicken"


Quick, hearty and very tasty salad. Goes well with potatoes. I recommend to try!

Cooking time 30 minutes Number of servings5

Ingredients for Salad "Chicken"

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Salad "Chicken"

Step 1

Onion slice and fry.

Step 2

Chicken (I use already prepared chicken, you can boil a few Breasts) cut into cubes.

Step 3

Cheese to RUB on a large grater, I cut it into small cubes (~0,3x0,3 cm).

Step 4

For the filling you need to mix the sour cream with soy sauce, add salt (to taste).
You can just mayonnaise.

Step 5

All, salad is ready! Very tasty with potatoes.

Step 6

It is self-sufficient.

Step 7

Bon appetit!