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Toguna in batter

Toguna in batter

Delicious small fish of tugun (Cisco family) with seeds in the batter. You can eat with the bones and spine removed. For everybody. We eat with seeds, because the fish they are soft, plus extra calcium for the body.

Cooking time 30 minutes Number of servings12

Ingredients for Toguna in batter

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Toguna in batter

Step 1

Everyone is invited to our fishing! Arrived on the Lower Tunguska or another Siberian river flowing into the Arctic ocean, the net caught togunow.

Step 2

In the prepared brine (10 kg of fish per 2 litres of water to dissolve 1 Cup of salt) selected from the nets the fish. Catch and adding fish to a full bucket. Go home, and fish pickles, while going 4-5 hours. The house immediately clean Chugunov from the head and viscera: carefully remove the head and pull the "gutterfly".

Step 3

Now prepare the batter: detachable 2 egg yolks, add salt, whisk, add milk and 2 cups of flour, approximately 2 cups cream until thick. All stir it well. Vzbit proteins in the foam and enter the latter in the dough. Here is the dough add the cleaned fish. Stir so that the fish is covered with batter.

Step 4

Heated in a pan with vegetable oil and spoon and spread Chugunov in the dough into the pan. Fry on both sides until Golden brown. Continue until you run out of content in a bowl.

Step 5

Put ready fish on a napkin to remove excess oil. Invite the family at the table and ate a delicious and nutritious food. The remains of Chugunov (we caught 10 kg, and used 1 kg) use in the ear, prepare "Sprats in oil", it is possible to wind the meat straight from the bones and cook the patties. And you can just eat salt straight from the bones. The fish is very tender, fatty, tasty, smells like fresh cucumber. Yummy!

Step 6


Step 7

"Sprats"-toguna in oil.

Step 8

Anticipating Your questions, I answer: this batter you can cook any fish or small fillets. But I offer this recipe for small fish with the bones in batter.