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Sausage homemade pork low-fat

Sausage homemade pork low-fat

Usually the theme of homemade sausage scares of its difficulty of preparation, the question of where to take the shell and other technical problems. This recipe will show you how absolutely easy and simple to make homemade sausage without the use of pork intestines or other membranes. Natural, stunningly fragrant sausage in fragrant herbs. The taste of real meat, no soy, no preservatives and dyes! Pamper your body with healthy and delicious food! I assure you that this sausage will be a wonderful decoration of your table!

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Ingredients for Sausage homemade pork low-fat

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Sausage homemade pork low-fat

Step 1

For our sausage need basirova boneless pork, 1 egg, 5-6 stolovyh tablespoons dried cream, garlic, salt, pepper and herbs. For lovers you can add a little ground coriander. As desired, the sausage can be done with fat. But I decided to cut the calories, taking fat-free pork. And for health it is useful.

Step 2

The meat is cleaned from fat, grind in a processor. Or grinder with grid for finely. But it is better to use a food processor or blender to mince it turned out more uniform. Stuffing to disassemble, remove SuperEnalotto veins (if any) and again to grind.
Add the garlic, salt, sugar, cream and grinding 2 more times. It is very important that the meat turned out tender. Salt add like meatballs. Sugar slightly less.

Step 3

In prepared stuffing add 1 egg, black pepper, coriander and knead with your hands like dough.

Step 4

Parchment baking paper and spread out to form a minced meat "baton"

Step 5

Wrap the meat in parchment "candy" tails firmly twist, tied with string or twine.

Step 6

Wrap the candy in foil, well objav tails. Here, as "candy" we did it. So easily you can create a sausage without using casings. This way you can make different types of sausages and stout, and with veal, and with additives in the form of vegetables.

Step 7

In a wide pan pour water, put our sausages in the water.

Step 8

Cover with a plate to press and cook for about an hour and 20 minutes to simmer (just below boiling).

Step 9

Cooked sausage, remove from water, allow to cool to room temperature, without unfolding, put it in the fridge overnight.
The next day, remove the foil and parchment with sausage.
Roll the sausage in fragrant herbs (oregano, rosemary, parsley, dill...) and wrap in dry clean parchment.

Step 10

Store the sausage in the fridge in parchment no more than 2 weeks (I doubt that for so long she will sit. Optionally, you can fry the sausage and serve hot. Can be eaten cold.
Bon appetit!