Pickles in ketchup "Chile"

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If You like spicy and crunchy pickles, then You'll love this recipe. They are especially good in winter, with hot potatoes... light acidity, pleasant sweetness, the dominant sharpness... Lovely! A delicious marinade, simply delicious :)

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Ingredients for Pickles in ketchup "Chile"

Step by step instruction of cooking Pickles in ketchup "Chile"

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Pickles is a group of small-fruited varieties of cucumber, their usual size 4 to 8 see you Can use cucumbers of other varieties, young, small.
Cucumbers need to be cleaned, leave for a few hours in cold water. Then trim the ends, plump to put in a pre-sterilized banks. The bottom of the jar to cover a small number of greens (dill, parsley) and add a few slices of horseradish root.

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Pour pickles in jars with boiling water once, leave to cool for 20 minutes. Drain the water from the cans again to boil and pour a second time, also for 15 minutes - 20.

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The third time, you need to pour ready marinade.
I have 2 kg of cucumbers were 2 bottles, 0.75 l and one bottle of 1,5 l Need to drain the water from the jars (the water I came up with just 6 cups as you need for the recipe) marinade to boil, adding sugar, salt, chili ketchup (pack of 200 g), in the end, the vinegar.

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Pour pickles with boiling marinade. Close lids. To wrap up the night with a blanket.
Hide in a secluded place before winter. Cucumbers are very tasty, with bright slight kick, great starter for the icy glass of vodka, and just with hot potatoes a wonderful flavor.