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Pickles in ketchup "Chile"

Pickles in ketchup "Chile"

If You like spicy and crunchy pickles, then You'll love this recipe. They are especially good in winter, with hot potatoes... light acidity, pleasant sweetness, the dominant sharpness... Lovely! A delicious marinade, simply delicious :)

Cooking time 60 minutes Number of servings-

Ingredients for Pickles in ketchup "Chile"

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Pickles in ketchup "Chile"

Step 1

Pickles is a group of small-fruited varieties of cucumber, their usual size 4 to 8 see you Can use cucumbers of other varieties, young, small.
Cucumbers need to be cleaned, leave for a few hours in cold water. Then trim the ends, plump to put in a pre-sterilized banks. The bottom of the jar to cover a small number of greens (dill, parsley) and add a few slices of horseradish root.

Step 2

Pour pickles in jars with boiling water once, leave to cool for 20 minutes. Drain the water from the cans again to boil and pour a second time, also for 15 minutes - 20.

Step 3

The third time, you need to pour ready marinade.
I have 2 kg of cucumbers were 2 bottles, 0.75 l and one bottle of 1,5 l Need to drain the water from the jars (the water I came up with just 6 cups as you need for the recipe) marinade to boil, adding sugar, salt, chili ketchup (pack of 200 g), in the end, the vinegar.

Step 4

Pour pickles with boiling marinade. Close lids. To wrap up the night with a blanket.
Hide in a secluded place before winter. Cucumbers are very tasty, with bright slight kick, great starter for the icy glass of vodka, and just with hot potatoes a wonderful flavor.