Steam dumplings with poppy seeds

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Here so happens - during rest were forced to eat in the restaurants in the resort towns, like something, more often - don't like... the dishes flashed, not remembered, but these dumplings were remembered and liked it so much that my husband and daughter demanded to repeat the recipe when we get back. Repeated. And I will repeat now often.

Ingredients for Steam dumplings with poppy seeds

Step by step instruction of cooking Steam dumplings with poppy seeds

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Mac pour boiling water, rinse well and drain the water through a fine strainer. Pour the poppy again with boiling water and leave for 15-20 minutes to suffocating.

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After the muscles of the arms thoroughly swapped out, frayed Mac add sugar and thick candied honey or thick jam. I added jam from pears. Mix and again grind the poppy seeds in a mortar. It is not so long and laborious.

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Now it remains the most easy and pleasant. Knead the dough on a favorite recipe, and the blind vareniki. I prepared the dough as follows: in the sifted flour was poured COLD, almost icy milk, added egg and salt, and kneaded the dough, after kneading add the melted butter. Oil greatly improves the taste and plasticity of the dough. Because the dumplings are sweet, you can still add sugar, I added. To tell the truth, the dough is soft enough for these dumplings, so I advise you to use this recipe: http://www.povarenok .ru/recipes/show/392 68/. Put a steamer on fire. You can boil the dumplings in water, then prepare a pot of water. Roll out the dough on a floured surface, not too thin, cut glass large circumference (at the widest, as the finished dumplings should be almost the same size as the cakes) and putting stuffing, stung the edge.

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It is advisable to boil the dumplings immediately, especially if the filling turned out quite moist, otherwise the dumplings will get soggy. Lay the dumplings should be on the oiled grid of a double boiler or throw into boiling water and boil until tender. I cooked in the steamer, at the same time tested the prize, which was won by Pillsbury this spring.

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Serve dumplings is necessary on a large plate, watering melted butter and honey. Savory!