Coffee stripes "Cardinal"

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Today for dessert we have a delicious cookie. No, Cake is Delicious! Stripes "Cardinal", as they are called, you will be offered in the legendary café Mozart, which opened in the Austrian capital, in 1794, three years after the death of the genius of Wolfgang Amadeus. My acquaintance with this recipe hosted on the blog of Nina Niksya "Delicious art", and since then I lost the rest... Today I finally baked them, but work with me did not. The fact is that despite the simplicity of the individual stages of the process of making this dessert, overall it is not that easy. Given this fact, the result is, to put it mildly, not one that was expected. But the cakes taste so good that all the difficulties encountered on the thorny pastry the way, I was not terrified! A lovely blend of weightless meringue, and the lightest of sponge cake in collaboration with a wonderful creamy coffee cream is guaranteed and will captivate your heart.

Ingredients for Coffee stripes "Cardinal"

Step by step instruction of cooking Coffee stripes "Cardinal"

Шаг 1

In a small saucepan dissolve in water, powdered sugar, bring to boil, stirring and minute to hold the fire.
If your kitchen is found a cooking thermometer, for you to heat the sugar syrup to 112 ° C.

Beat with a mixer 80 g. egg yolks.

Шаг 2

Prepared Mascarpone (whisk it a little with a whisk, in order to facilitate the further process of the blend) to connect with Pate a Bombe (remember, shaken with sugar syrup on the yolks).

Spread whipped until soft peaks cream (I use whipping cream Valio, fat. 38%), stir with a spatula.
Will clarify that in the cream before whipping should be properly chilled, preferably with dishes.

Шаг 3

Pour the cream into the prepared pan and place in the cold.
Niksya recommends to use for this purpose a rectangular frame with sides 60H20 cm
Needless to say that I like this device do not have?
And I have a rectangular shape with dimensions 30Х23 see this came From.

Шаг 4

The stripes turned out ugly, but when I took the first bite, went along with it. With the inconvenience, with a large number of dishes and movements, with the fallen squirrels...
Taste caresses and beckons, promising bliss again and again... Stopping is possible only by heroic effort of will!
To sum up. After proper training, will continue tests and research.

For SIM otklanivayus and wish us a pleasant and comfortable stay!