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The babaganoush was

The babaganoush was

Incomprehensible form a pasty mixture, which has always been found on tables in Turkey with a taste of light haze liked a lot... and the name... Baba ganoush... so what?... It was only later I found out that the woman they have is not our Slavic woman at all!... and the man... my father, actually... and he Ganush! or angry, or upset.. 't found an explanation in the Internet about the dish... maybe angry that no teeth? and angry dad made specially completely frayed?...

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Step 1

Eggplants wash, wipe and bake, preferably on an open fire, I in the oven... the upper grill... almost a fire. 20 minutes...

Step 2

While I was pondering, whose father Ali Baba, eggplant ready... One burst from happiness. But it was possible with a fork prick, so as not to explode.

Step 3

Clear now skin and RUB the flesh well, you can with a fork. Season with lemon juice, salt, a little crushed garlic and oil. All mix well and add the tahini paste, because it gives such vospominaniya Eastern touch.

All... of parsley for decoration and a very light and delicious, this sandwich proves again that they know how to cook Turkey))