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Tomato pie

Tomato pie

Pie of tomato juice, I can not say that again, since tomato juice is, but have not found. When you eat it, it is not clear that there is tomato juice! Beautiful oranjevo yellow color pleasing to the eye! Try not to regret it!

Cooking time- Number of servings-

Ingredients for Tomato pie

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Tomato pie

Step 1

Products for cake.

Step 2

Beat the eggs.

Step 3

Add sugar and beat again.

Step 4

Add soda slaked vinegar. (vinegar in the country was not extinguished in red wine).

Step 5

All stirred.

Step 6

Added tomato juice.

Step 7

Here this color the dough, when mixed weight.

Step 8

Added the flour and mixed.

Step 9

The dough is poured into the form.
Put bake into the oven baked about 35 minutes on medium heat (but still better focus on your oven).

Step 10

Finished cake.

Step 11

Pie got out of shape and turned.

Step 12

Here the cooled cake sprinkled with powdered sugar!

Step 13

Pie in the cut.

Step 14

I have left a little bit of dough, and I made mini-cupcakes in the microwave!
Also went well!