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Berry pie with double strategem

Berry pie with double strategem

Yes, I'm back to you with a pie, and again, streusel. Something really came to my family to taste sweet the oil the crumb, and it was decided baking a double batch of Goodies. It may seem that yesterday's and today's recipe is the same, but it's not. In this pie, streusel in the title role, not as a nice addition.

Cooking time 50 minutes Number of servings6

Ingredients for Berry pie with double strategem

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Berry pie with double strategem

Step 1

In the batter one by one stacked 10 pieces of cherries.

Step 2

For our main character - strazile mix with your hands or with a blender (combine) the flour, sugar and butter. The proportion of about 1:1, but it is possible to snap out of it. If you feel that the mixture is thick and poorly crumbles, then add more flour. I have it was so.

Step 3

Now the batter with your hands, crumble streusel. And put the berries, previously they roll in mixture of flour and starch, then let the juice, the pie will be baked safely.

Step 4

Pour another layer of crumbs and put it into the preheated oven to 180C for about 40-50 minutes. Readiness check the match (toothpick) - it should be dry.

Step 5

The finished cake let cool slightly and serve!