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Squash caviar "Long"

Squash caviar "Long"

Honestly reviewed all the recipes for squash caviar site and this recipe is not found. Caviar is very tasty! It is in my top ten most delicious summer dishes. Taste sweet, sour-sweet and very harmonious! Set of products - minimum: zucchini, onion, tomatoes, salt and vegetable oil. The only drawback to this recipe - the eggs is cooked long enough, hence the name. But we are not talking about your direct standing at the stove, and the cooking process in General. Prepare squash the eggs for this recipe for many years, she is very like the adults and kiddies, and you try!

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Ingredients for Squash caviar "Long"

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Squash caviar "Long"

Step 1

Put on the heat the pan a little more, pour oil and slightly fry in it the chopped onions.

Step 2

At this time, three zucchini on a fine grater and add to the onions. Zucchini is not pressing, the juice does not drain, everything goes into the pan.

Step 3

Here in 2 hours. On average I have this pan takes 2.5 hours. At the end of the eggs necessary to stir often, otherwise it will burn!
The eggs are ready when the liquid has completely evaporated (when pressing on the vegetables with a spatula the liquid is not allocated), the volume should be reduced in two times, add salt to taste at the end. Caviar is very tasty warm and even better cold!