Cakes "Vecriga"

169 - 60 минут 18 порции

A recipe of delicious cakes with delicate curd cream. Original title - Vecrigas.

Ingredients for Cakes "Vecriga"

Step by step instruction of cooking Cakes "Vecriga"

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Pour into a saucepan half a Cup of water and half a Cup of milk, add butter, salt, sugar and put on fire. As soon as the water boils, add all the flour at once, stir over low heat and boil for 1-2 minutes, stirring occasionally. Then remove the pan from the heat and add eggs (one at a time), stirring constantly; as soon as the dough begins to drag, stop adding the eggs, the dough is cut in the form of rolls, laying them on the sheet, lightly oiled, at a distance of 2-4 cm from one another. Baking put the sheet in hot oven preheated at 220*C for 10 minutes, and once the rolls are browned and increase in volume, to lower the heat in oven to 190*C, without removing the rolls, and dopekat until tender 15-20 min. Finished rolls incision along one side, and, opening, fill the middle with cream. For the cream whisk the cream, add powdered sugar and grated cheese.