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Homemade pizza "The summer"

Homemade pizza "The summer"

Personally, I always found it funny to see entire brochures or even books with the proud name "pizza". What are the recipes?! The pizza is both creative, and revision in the fridge. Recipe only: basis - then everyone chooses the one that better, and then gone-gone. But!!! pizza for friends, acquaintances, and many asking how I do it. Here at Pillsbury, pizza at least once in your life ever did, and I can throw if not sneakers, then overripe tomatoes (which will immediately go to the cause))), but any rational someone all the same and will find. So - imagine a wonderful and practical summer recipe that can move smoothly and in the autumn, and so on...

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Ingredients for Homemade pizza "The summer"

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Homemade pizza "The summer"

Step 1

Make the dough straight dough method - immediately dissolve in warm water, the yeast, add the sugar, salt, egg, vegetable oil, stir. Then 3 cups of sifted wheat flour. Part of flour can replace the flour with bran.

Step 2

Knead the dough - so as to be fed with oxygen, I use this spring.

Step 3

Cover the dough with cloth and put in a warm place. Although now is the summer where you do not put, everywhere "a warm place". Wait until the weight increase by 2 times.

Step 4

Kom sprinkled lightly with flour, and with wet hands form the uniform height of the cake on the entire pan.

Step 5

Pizza without the sauce is dry and the impossible, so take a good tablespoon of ketchup/tomato sauce and sour cream/mayonnaise and lubricates the surface of the dough. As a sauce you can also use any vegetable caviar (for the winter).

Step 6

Still life for the stuffing.

Step 7

Chili pepper pepperoni really is immature Chile, so veri veri hot. Cutting gloves. Children do not give. And adults - even very: elevates mood, improves digestion. Finely cut, evenly distributed over the surface

Step 8

Sausage and ham. Generally, the meat portion on Your taste, there is no limit to the experiments. Once I even did a pizza with liver pate...

Step 9

Bell pepper - one very large or two small. Unique flavor!

Step 10

Tomatoes... the ripe, summer! They need to be pre-scalded with boiling water, lower to "shock" in very cold water and remove the skin. Cut into thin slices and spread over the surface.

Step 11

Cheese! Grate. 130 grams is the maximum for this amount, you can take less.

Step 12

Sprinkle with the cheese surface of the pizza.

Step 13

Cut greens (finely if, big if - as you like it). Sprinkle cheese. Better to take our classics - parsley and dill, Italian Basil and arugula is good raw.

Now give a delay of 30 minutes. Heat the oven to 200 degrees and put on 25 minutes, periodically looking through the glass, as it is fun bubbling.

Step 14

Here and ready! Smell is so strong that to call to the table no one will come running.

Step 15


Step 16

And entertained.
All great meetings and delicious experience from this summer!