Roast with chanterelles and green beans yellow "Necklace"

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In the season of chanterelles, we try as often as possible to use fresh mushrooms in the diet that we are with them only did not do, it was the turn of flavorful roast for dinner and would add a young yellow beans and fresh herbs. Great addition steel air pies with cabbage! Welcome to the table!

Ingredients for Roast with chanterelles and green beans yellow "Necklace"

Step by step instruction of cooking Roast with chanterelles and green beans yellow "Necklace"

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Wrote wrote the recipe, and it flew off at the end, now I will write briefly because I have no energy to deal with these glitches of the website.
So. Pork (govedich, chicken) fry in oil over high heat until Golden brown.

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Put the meat in a large kettle, add water, spices and cover with a lid, simmer on low heat at least 30 min.

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Chanterelles wash well, cut.

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Stew in your own juice until the moment when half of the juice evaporated.

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Onion cut into big pieces, peel potatoes and cut into big pieces.

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Fasolka cut as you like.

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Vegetables add to the mushrooms and stir.

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In the cauldron meat add first the potatoes, then the vegetables. Cover with a lid and simmer on low heat for 10 minutes, then every 5 minutes stir add spices and salt. Stew until potatoes are done.