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Very simple and very me favorite. Oh, how exciting Wikipedia says that pancake is just potato pancakes... I tried the first time with his grandmother in Lithuania... grandma's food is always the tastiest. )) and the name always amused.. where are the pancakes.. on what and where tear up... But tear) the name of the dish came from the word "tear", i.e., rubbing)) in fact, pancakes are considered a national dish of Belarusian cuisine. Without potatoes Belarusian cuisine imaginable really difficult. So that it is not clear what ate the Belarusians before the discovery of America... )) Prepared quickly, the ingredients are not of that kind overseas avocade, and the usual potatoes with an egg, which is almost always in every home.

Ingredients for Pancakes

Step by step instruction of cooking Pancakes

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On a fine grater grate the onion and mix with sour product. I want to say that onion with yogurt added for flavour and to ensure that the potatoes are blackened and the pancakes turned out nice Golden brown.
Now turn the potato...
You can, of course grinder or blender it.. only the soul-that where?)) I Trou it on a grater. And most importantly-squeeze of crushed /in any way/ potato water.

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In the resulting slurry one egg.
I seasoned only with salt and black pepper, so as not to disturb the natural taste. Fry in oil, but so that they did not swim)