Pork variations on the theme of "Grill"

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I hope you have more summer is in full swing. Therefore, I suggest you "pogrilit".

Ingredients for Pork variations on the theme of "Grill"

Step by step instruction of cooking Pork variations on the theme of "Grill"

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For starters, the carbonate should be cut. Very, very subtly in length, approximately 0.5 cm in thickness. I asked the butcher and he kindly, with the help of cutting machines. quickly did. If any machine or kind as the butcher is missing, you slightly freeze the meat, then chop with a knife so finely as you can. Put on a Board to lay on top of plastic wrap and tap with a heavy pan to become thinner. Checked - works.

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Also prepare the stuffing. To do this, the tomatoes and mozzarella cut into slices. And feta cubes, about 1 cm thickness.

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Now turn over marinades. For the first marinade –yogurt mix with tomato paste, rosemary, chilli, salt, pepper and a little honey. Taste. Should be slightly spicier than you would if you ate it with a spoon. For the second option - fresh Basil, parsley, garlic, chilli, salt, pepper put in a jar and pour Rast. oil and skip the blender. Should be not very liquid well and is not very thick.

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Now, so to speak to the Assembly. Put the meat on the table and arrange the stuffing and wrap. In the first embodiment, it will be feta. Oil marinade with yogurt and rosemary.

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And in the second version of tomato and mozzarella. Secure edges with skewers. And also, coat the marinade, but with Basil and butter.

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Then I gave the case in male hands. Fry is certainly better on the grill, or in the extreme case in the pan. But not for long, literally, on each side a few minutes browned, otherwise it will be "dry". Due to the fact that the meat is lean, very thinly sliced and marinated, this happens instantly.

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nice continue of the summer