Asparagus salad with avocado

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Tender, juicy salad with sesame cookies

Ingredients for Asparagus salad with avocado

Step by step instruction of cooking Asparagus salad with avocado

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Tomato and avocado slice. To do this, cut the avocado in half , remove the pit and cut into cubes right in the skins and then pull out the flesh with a spoon. So for example, the peel should be used instead of plates for the salad. Drizzle with avocado lim. juice.

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Oranges peel and filterout. Who does not know how to do it better, have a look here don't forget to save the juice when cutting. Lettuce wash and dry well. To break it into pieces.

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For sesame cookies, grate Parmesan cheese and mix with the sesame seeds. Palomino spoon to spread on a baking sheet covered with paper. Flatten in the form of cookies, leaving a little space between them. Bake 7 min. at 180 °C.

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Asparagus, tomatoes, shrimp, and oranges pour with the dressing, sprinkle with a little chilli and leave to marinate. In a salad bowl put lettuce, on top put the marinated products. And before serving, sprinkle cookies.