Meat dish of the Uighur cuisine "Tergamak of say"

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Very long ago did not put their recipes on "the Cook". Glad to be with you again! "Tergamak of say" we often order for lunch at a Uighur restaurant. After a short interrogation, were discovered some of the nuances of cooking! The dish is very tasty! Has a subtle tangy taste and spicy aroma. Prepare easy, simple and fast! To ruin a lot of hard work. Used conventional products. Perfect for novice chefs. Goes well with rice. Each time ordering this dish, I thought about what you need to choose the time and share the recipe with you, my dear cooks and guests!

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Ingredients for Meat dish of the Uighur cuisine "Tergamak of say"

Step by step instruction of cooking Meat dish of the Uighur cuisine "Tergamak of say"

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Meat cut into wide stripes. Preferably thin, in order that it managed to fry.

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Fry the meat with garlic in butter, on a very well-heated pan. The garlic cloves should be pre-crushed with a knife and cut. If the pan is hot enough, the meat will release the juice and the process will be called soon "quenching", and we need to meat at once well roasted. Tip:
If the pan is shallow or small, it is better to fry the meat in 2 hours. Again, in order to not drain juice.

PS the Amount of oil compared to the original restaurant was significantly reduced. In my home performance is not so bold!

Шаг 3

In the fried meat we add cut into rings or half rings onions. You can salt them a bit, although you need to consider that soy is also salty enough!
Resulting smoke, a little cloud pictures.

Шаг 4

To fried meat and onions we add the chopped pepper. Tip: a Thin skin from the pepper it is best to remove the knife for cleaning of vegetables. All mix well and continue to fry for a while.

Шаг 5

After 3 minutes add the chopped cucumber and fry for about 2 minutes and add tomato. Add all the spices and mix well. Leave to fry for another 1-2 minutes. Then cover with the sauce. For the sauce we mixed soy and a bit of sugar.
Tip 1. With tomatoes it is better to remove the peel, dropping it for a few minutes in boiling water.
Tip 2. Preparing the sauce, be guided by your taste. I have it in about 2 tablespoons of soybean and 0.5 teaspoon of sugar.

Шаг 6

All. Our restaurant Uyghur dish with a delicate tangy flavor and spicy aroma ready. Separately boil the rice.