Salad "Ministerial"

75 - 15 минут -

Hearty salad in 15 minutes.

Ingredients for Salad "Ministerial"

Step by step instruction of cooking Salad "Ministerial"

Шаг 1

Slice the cucumbers, sausage cubes. The amount of sausage depends on how much you love her and how much. Cut onion finely. All to connect. For the pancakes combine the eggs 1st.l. mayonnaise and bake in a pan (of 2 eggs is roughly 4 small pancake of medium thickness). The pan can be lubricated for the very first pancake (my pan with Teflon coating). Onions can be a little hold in boiling water, then there will be a pronounced onion flavor, or you can make a salad without onion (also tasty).

Шаг 2

The resulting pancakes should be cut into thin stripes. It is better to roll each pancake roll in

Шаг 3

The resulting roll cut into thin slices. The end result here is a "got the pasta".

Шаг 4

"Lapshichku" to connect with the remaining chopped ingredients, season with mayonnaise. Optionally, salt and pepper.