Precocious buns

154 - 60 минут 5 порции

Soft and chewy with a nice crust and quick bread. Kneaded the dough, make the toppings and all! For the test this time will be enough. Come, show. Just amazing, does not require long kneading and proofing. +BONUS :)

Ingredients for Precocious buns

Step by step instruction of cooking Precocious buns

Шаг 1

In warm water/milk add yeast and honey. Seeing how they "come alive" and in parallel in a separate bowl sift the flour.

Шаг 2

To the yeast add the oil, salt. To fall asleep the first 2 cups of flour, stir with a fork (spoon, spatula) and a little bit to fill up the remaining flour (depends on flour will need 0.5 to 1 Cup). Knead the dough and leave on the table. At this time it is possible (even necessary!) to do filling.

Шаг 3

Filling today I had this:
The custard I cooked in the microwave oven according to the recipe of the cook irres:

Шаг 4

Apple jam was prepared according to this recipe:
Though the apples were very sweet and I had 150g of sugar for 2 kg of apples.

Шаг 5

Formed buns with custard on this principle:

Шаг 6

Mac according to this:

Шаг 7

And with the jam in the usual way... but I have "the usual" just always had problems... so I get they are not beautiful, but very tasty! First thing in the plates disappeared they.

Шаг 8

The promise of a bonus: this dough is great way to base for pizza! In the family we called him "universal soldier" :) must try! Quick, easy, delicious!

Шаг 9

Шаг 10

Bake until Golden brown at 180 degrees. Before baking the product to lubricate milk/oil/egg yolk on the premises.
Bon appetit!