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Roasted peppers for the winter

Roasted peppers for the winter

A super-easy method to spin the peppers for the winter and then surprise your guests with delicious, mouth-watering peppers in their own juice, which in winter turn to jelly.

Cooking time 30 minutes Number of servings10

Ingredients for Roasted peppers for the winter

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Roasted peppers for the winter

Step 1

Wash, dry pepper, prepare sterile jars with lids, slotted spoon, vinegar, a tablespoon and put on a fire cauldron with vegetable oil. Or who have the fryer. I have this gadget there, so I use the old-fashioned way, Kazanka.

Step 2

In boiling oil sent the pepper and fry it in there until Golden brown.

Step 3

Put in a jar for 2 pepper and pour their 1st. L. vinegar, making something. I have masher to combine useful.

Step 4

When the jar fills up - 2 tbsp. vinegar to fill, cap spinning, turn upside down, and when it is cold, to hide away until the winter to endure. Well, or at least until the end of November ;)

Then open, clean the pepper from the skin and serdtsevina, add salt, sugar a little, squeeze the garlic and try not to swallow your tongue with them ;)

PS On the question often arises, why clean then, immediately, answer this:
To try, of course, possible, but it already will be not those peppers. All the juice that should stay in the middle, will emerge. Then maybe they will be a lot of vinegar and oil will start to burn very soon.
In General, I would not do it.