Lemon tincture a La "Limoncello"

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Options for making Limoncello at home there is a great variety. On our website there are only three shown and each of them is good in its own way. But I wanted in one recipe to combine several that are important to me: as alcohol use only vodka, not alcohol (where can you get it?), to exclude long-term infusion, which stretched for weeks, so it was not very hard, but at the same time and not stewed and not bother with buying lemons certain cultivars. Through trial and error, brought his recipe that completely satisfies me as to taste, and material and physical costs. Of course, I do not claim that this is "the Limoncello", and therefore gave the name "a La" and called not liquor, and tincture, but I can promise that it is simple and delicious.

Ingredients for Lemon tincture a La "Limoncello"

Step by step instruction of cooking Lemon tincture a La "Limoncello"

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Lemons I have Spanish, they have thick skins and they are quite fragrant. Vodka is the most usual plant Crystal.
First and foremost, thoroughly wash the lemons with a brush, dry and proceed to cooking.

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With one lemon thinly remove the zest, I do it with potato cleaning, and squeeze the juice.

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Make syrup of water, sugar, zest and lemon juice. Cool. By the way, the proportions of water and sugar can be adjusted to your taste. If you cook, then try to start my version to have something to start from, and then you bring to mind on your own.

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With four remaining lemons as well take off the zest, then a sharp and wide knife cut off the white skin. Skin throw, and a lemon cut into pieces. The more carefully will remove the white pulp, the less likely that the infusion will taste bitter. Although barely noticeable bitterness will be present anyway. But that has its own charm. The main thing is not to overdo it.

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In a suitable jar, put the peel and pulp of lemon, fill with vodka, add the cooled syrup and mix. Cover and remove in the refrigerator for 2-3 days. The best three, but if, as they say, "Oh, I married unbearable", it is possible and on two.
I have a suitable cap was not, so I initially pulled the film, made with a fork a few punctures on the top and tied marlechkoy with an elastic band. Here was such a "lady in bonnet":)
This photo of the Bank has stood for days in the fridge.